Monday, May 16, 2016

Ramblings 6

You know what makes me realize I am successful and that I should continue doing what I do?
The fact that I have made so many enemies and frenemies that I have lost track of all my haters.

They say that if you haven't made enemies you haven't stood up for anything, if you don't have enemies means you never did anything worthwhile and that the true measure of success is how many people you pissed off and made enemies of to reach the top!

By that token I have done so much more than I originally set out to do that the only thing I can think of is to encourage my haters to make an issue out of everything they think I do, it will only propel my success ever higher! :D

This is most apparent when I have to do certain things in the public forum to appease said haters to prevent them doing damage to the still infancy stages of something I love.

To those who don't understand this outburst, please note that this is generic to all aspects of my life how ever, it is specially heartfelt in terms of my martial arts endeavor. 

Toodles !! 

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