Monday, May 16, 2016

Ramblings 6

You know what makes me realize I am successful and that I should continue doing what I do?
The fact that I have made so many enemies and frenemies that I have lost track of all my haters.

They say that if you haven't made enemies you haven't stood up for anything, if you don't have enemies means you never did anything worthwhile and that the true measure of success is how many people you pissed off and made enemies of to reach the top!

By that token I have done so much more than I originally set out to do that the only thing I can think of is to encourage my haters to make an issue out of everything they think I do, it will only propel my success ever higher! :D

This is most apparent when I have to do certain things in the public forum to appease said haters to prevent them doing damage to the still infancy stages of something I love.

To those who don't understand this outburst, please note that this is generic to all aspects of my life how ever, it is specially heartfelt in terms of my martial arts endeavor. 

Toodles !! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Haitus Oppression

Hey everyone,

I know that my posts are sporadic and my last post was almost a year ago.
Simply put I had things to work out in life.
I had to suppress writing altogether.

But I find I cannot suppress writing much longer.
It may be tedious and not necessarily of top quality but it is something better than nothing.

I do not know about other writers but writing for me is like a drain. For example in those weird Japanese anime, a character would write something down and it would be erased from it's memory. Similarly writing soothes the inner storm and erases the thing that is being written about.


I wanted to say I have suppressed the urge to write for far too long and that I shall resume posting again.

I will try to stick to a schedule ... I will work one out in the next couple of weeks ... lets see :D 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thoughts on Work


Are you Jobless/unemployed?

Everyone I speak to when they are giving me advice for job applications inevitably says one thing: More focus, more direction.

What do they really mean by this?

It seems that the meaning behind this harmless and general advice is this: Find out what position (such as CEO, etc) you want to be, and then become a one-track mindless drone attempting to achieve that goal or die trying. Meanwhile do not dare to look at the big picture, or standard of living or anything else.
Example, a person we shall name A wants to be a physicist. Then the expectation found amongst people I am writing this against is that A will spend hours on end reading physics and will eat, sleep, breathe, think and shit physics with no room for anything else except social skills and a basic working general knowledge focusing on current affairs.

This type of one track mind does not work for me. My field is not my one and only reason to continue breathing the polluted air. I have varied interests and passions which are equally strong. The only thing that sets my career above others is the earning factor. Finances dictate that.

However it does not mean that one should conform to society and become a mindless drone just to get a job and then stay in it till retirement. Why should one? Why can one not broaden their horizons, and work on all their goals simultaneously? Simply because society demands that one should be a Master of a single trade? Simply because society fears ‘Jack of all’ trades? Why can one not be multi-disciplinary (example a chemical mechanical sustainability renewable energy engineer poet martial artist philosopher blogger in one, all in equal measure)? Why can one not be just above average in several trades rather than being a master of one and zilch in the rest?

This fear of different that the society holds so dear has strangled the rise of ‘polymaths’ (read people who were close to masters of several sciences and arts simultaneously). Today I have seen several people deny the very concept of polymaths claiming that any field is now so large that no one could possibly be a polymath, but don’t they realize the basic principles of any field are the same regardless the increment in detail.

So why does one have to conform to being a mindless drone targeted in a single direction? Why does one have to sell their interests, passions, mind, body and soul to land a job which doesn’t pay well and instead mires one all sorts of ill-health?

Over time, I have known people who started out their 9am-5pm perfectly well and according to the contract. In the end one and all ended up working at least 14 hours a day thanks to mobile phones and now smart phones. They work from the moment they are awake till the moment they fall asleep exhausted. They no longer have more than a handful of hours every week to spend with family. Family emergencies are understood and time off given, but frowned up on due to ‘all that time spent not working’. Even considering 2 hours a day of socializing on facebook and other social media, this lack of time for self and lack of face time with people is hindering the natural health and order of everyone. Sitting for long hours as is required in the modern world for work is not natural for the human body and hence so many diseases have been conclusively linked to it in one way or another.

But to jump to the end as I can’t type very long while hanging upside down. Why does one have to be a mindless single direction drone just to be able to land a job? Why can’t one be creative and combine all their interests when and as they require to do a task when one does land a job?

Personally I feel suffocated with the need of the industry to smother all my other things and focus only on one! It seems my role model has become Phunsukh Wangdu from 3 Idiots an engineering genius who wanted to liberate knowledge from the stranglehold of the world trying to win a race it is running alone towards its own death. The other inspiring person would be Kaveh who is a musician, an electrical engineer, a thinker and a sustainability & renewable energy engineer. And Elyas who is a civil engineer, a philosopher, a potential scholar in some religious matters and a thinker. They do not just exist in life, they live it! 


Monday, May 20, 2013

Which is better for efficiency: Retrofit or Behaviour Change

This blog post is about the article published on 

In my opinion behaviour change comes from a change in mind set and has far reaching effects in the long term. Efficient Retrofits while on the one hand provide a measure of 'green-ness' to our lives also have the disadvantage of delaying the change in mind set required for behaviour change to shift towards more sustainable lifestyles. Be they individual or an organisation. It is a balance of providing efficient retrofits as a reward for behaviour and mind set change that will have the most significant impact on our energy consumption.

What do you think? 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Future of the Environment

This article was not published when it was sent to various publications. Could it be that despite it being an opinion (and stated as such), it was far too true for them to dare to publish? 

You be the judge.

Views expressed herein are liable to change and amendment on basis of personal growth and development as well as proven facts supporting or rejecting stated opinions. Freedom of speech (that is the freedom to say, write, draw or video any opinions and proven facts) is considered of prime importance. Opposing opinions are accepted only in the form of constructive criticism or dialogue.

Future of the environment

This particular post is beginning with a lot of assumptions because at the moment the author cannot be bothered to explain the reasons behind them. However most of these assumptions are based on publically accepted theories and some proven facts for which no initiating reference can be found at this time.

· The older generations are greedy and indulged themselves expediting the destruction of the environment.
· The older generation preaches about harmonising with nature
· The older generation are all about self-indulgence and suffer from an ever intensifying inferiority complex and have to generate profits at all costs in compensation for their lack of brains and metaphoric balls.

Why should we care about the future of the environment?

Everyone who has ever studied Chemistry at A-levels (I know it is now called GCEs or something but I am much older than the “post-modern” generation but not as old as the generation I am blaming) will easily recognise this simple rule:

“The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.” – Mrs Poonam Mahindra (As taught to me by my chemistry teacher at the time).

Well it can be said that this stands true for life in general but most particularly for the one thing that man has replaced god (or any divinity/ies) with: Money. Due to this worship of money the rich keep finding ways to keep the poor, poorer while they gorge on the cash they generate. For the rich believe that it is a Darwinian world: Survival of the fittest (in terms of adaptability and cleverness). To a certain extent they are not wrong however they take it to such an extreme that in fact they should be called extremists with ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Allow me to elaborate with a very oblique example. The developed first world nations are mostly considered the rich nations therefore henceforth they will be referred to as the rich while other lowly territories will be considered the opposite of rich for the sake of demonstration in this article. The rich nations suck fossil fuels from all over the world (mainly that one region which they are terrified of or so their media portrays the region). The rich led the industrial revolution and pumped (probably) billions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere creating holes in the protective O-zone layer. Eventually they realised their mistake, but rather than solve the problem they decided to cover it up like immature kids. They now have 2 scientific communities each opposing the other. One says global warming is happening despite the natural sinusoidal climate change (because global warming is occurring exponentially faster than natural and even without it the weather would have been shifting to prepare for another ice age).  The other says global warming is nonsense and that we should carry on as is (mostly the greedy people in need of larger profits to attempt compensating for the lack of sex they have with their significant others probably).

Returning to the point; the rich consume the largest amount of fossil fuels while releasing the highest amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, yet they preach the development of renewable technologies. This is a two pronged attack by the older generation of the rich: a) this way they can develop a system to be self-sufficient (and possibly export energy to the not rich at exorbitant prices) and b) it provides them a way of continuing their rampage of greed and self-indulgence.

They don’t care about the environment and it is evident in the fact that the rich preach a lot about the renewable technologies and are even developing them as this is being written but they don’t share a single piece of advanced technology with the not-rich if it is not profitable. That is the net outcome despite supposedly large efforts of charity work and service for the not-rich by the rich who on some level need something to keep themselves busy. Thus the overall effect is that of hubris and vice by the rich as if they are the divine (maybe that is how the Greek, Norse, etc. mythological pantheons came into being!).

It seems like the rich although highly capable of changing the world around are too proud for the task, talking the talk but not walking the line whereas, walking the walk would earn them the true respect of the not-rich which is unlike the respect born of fear and loathing due to exploitation and invasion. As a very “environmentally friendly” friend of mine once said: “They rape and rape and rape the earth without worry or even thought of consequence. Then they rape the planet some more just to make sure that is has been raped. If they forget that they have done the deed, they rape the poor planet another time for reassurance.” (I am omitting most of the colourful language for my sake). This friend loves grass and believes it helps him grow brain cells but that is a different topic altogether.

Even from a humanitarian standpoint, this is our only habitable piece of rock in the entire universe (and some would like to add “at the moment”, but my argument stands even then). The question then becomes simply why should we the younger generation to whom the whole environmentalism is preached (particularly of the not-rich places) not follow in the esteemed footsteps of the older generation who destroyed it in the first place and now refuse to do anything about it besides passing it on (particularly those from the rich places)?

At the moment it is the humble opinion of this author that if the entirety of knowledge and information was shared equally and globally in a completely transparent and truthful manner, then we could potentially reduce the accelerated pace of global warming to a level closer to that of the natural construct. [The first bit of knowledge that should be destroyed by spamming the world is that of weapons simply because by disseminating and making a piece of information public it’s value is decreased to less than zero thereby reducing any harm from it.]

Monday, December 3, 2012

Ramblings 5

In a place that despite being home continually frustrates me. Rolling black outs, people living by plugging corruption (bribery, vandalism, hooliganism, gangs, etc)  into their veins as if it was air, water, caffeine or something. Continuous outage of internet, spontaneous jamming of landlines and/or mobile(cellular) networks and perpetual hacking of phones with near absolute lack of privacy thanks to marauders, robbers, thugs, etc hacking all forms of communication.

That is the least of the worries. There is complete lack of civic and common sense on the roads. Signals/Traffic lights, are considered decoration pieces. There is no concept of lanes or safety. If you are a wadera (please google the meaning by yourself) then you have right of way and if anyone attempts to stand up for common sense or justice or law and order then they or their families are killed, tortured or imprisoned or any combination and sequence of all three.

But this horrendous place filled with so much chaos which is spiralling down the drain into absolute anarchy is my home. No place else would accept me simply because I belong from here. Then again even if some other place did, after this Trail of Fire anything would be considered languid, morose, dull, etc.

Regardless this is home and this is where I am stuck. There were those that wanted me to return and of them only half remain. The other half have passed on to a better place. The remaining half still cannot believe that I would leave behind this morbid anarchy to find peace.

No matter the plans or thoughts or empty threats. Here I remain. Escape has only three possibilities: a miracle or the time when I am not awake or a very very long sleep.

PS. The anarchy beckons awake the monster that is kept chained. A small slip and this murky place will regret the morbid insanity let lose

And Backish

Been a while.
So there might be some posts at lease while I am not too busy ...